Many associations can benefit from full-service management by T-REX. Full-service management refers to our ability to serve as the headquarters office under the leadership of experienced associate executives, with a variety of services available to the client contained in-house (such as education consultation, art and design, publishing, information management, website management, conference and registration management, marketing and public relations, and sales and advertising). There is continuity and stability when associations partner with T-REX, as they not only share resources, staff, and equipment, but also valuable information. Because of the time-share opportunity, associations can learn from the multi-faceted T-REX staff and also share and learn from the other associations managed by T-REX. What has worked for one association may also work for another, and therefore, the collective intelligence between associations and T-REX staff eliminates the process of "reinventing the wheel".

Many organizations require or prefer only partial-service management. T-REX may "unbundle" their services and offer them individually to clients on an "as-needed" basis. This not only targets the self-managed associations that may be looking for experienced outsourcing services, but it promotes T-REX services to for-profit organizations and corporations as well. By contracting with T-REX for a specific service, organizations can benefit from saved dollars while maintaining a high-level of quality.

  • Allocate office space for the use of the Society
  • Office equipment and furniture rental
  • Office utilities
  • Utilization of mailroom, shipping and switchboard services

  • Assist independent CPA for issuance of quarterly or monthly financial statements and annual tax returns
  • Maintain bank accounts in Client’s name
  • Receive all cash receipts and process member dues and contributions
  • Process vendor invoices and check requests and issue payments 
  • Prepare checks for Secretary/Treasurer 
  • As requested, participate in Client’s Board of Directors or committee meetings 

  • Serve as the management agency for client
  • Allow use of office address 
  • Allow use of office storage for typical amount of archival boxes
  • Provide toll free and standard phone lines, and answer phones Monday-Friday from 9:00am (CT) to 5:00pm (CT), excluding holidays
  • Provide fax line
  • Secure additional staff to perform necessary office functions if necessary
  • Accept telephone calls from members
  • Answer questions or direct participant to appropriate party
  • Mail, fax or e-mail requested information to Members
  • Assemble agenda books for Board and committee meetings
  • Act as the administrative arm (e.g., set-up conference calls, send faxes, make copies, distribute documents & reports, etc.)
  • Service the needs of the membership
  • If requested, act as an information base for written and telephone inquiries 
  • Mail correspondence to individual or full membership
  • Store and purge upon request client items (letterhead, envelopes, brochures, newsletter and archives)
  • Maintain Board and committee data / lists
  • Strive to achieve the goals set forth by the Officers
  • If requested, send annual dues invoices to the membership via fax, mail or e-mail with website link
  • Enter membership data into client’s database 
  • Fax, mail or e-mail membership certificate / letters to members
  • Process check payments received
  • Batch check payments through integrated accounting system
  • Deposit check income into the client’s bank account
  • Process credit card payments 
  • Accept new membership applications via fax, mail, courier or website 
  • Fax, mail or e-mail welcome letter and membership certificate to new members
  • Maintain membership database, making necessary changes, additions, and deletions
  • Run membership and other reports as requested 
  • Process payments received for non-membership items
  • Provide administrative assistance as needed

  • Create and manage registration timeline congruent with your flow
  • Build online registration website with e-Commerce consistent with corporate brand
  • Accept registrations via Registration123 online gateway
  • Accept registrations via fax and mail
  • Work with the client to enforce controls to verify client status before registration is processed
  • Inventory sessions and waitlist attendees, if necessary
  • Enter all paper registrations into online database validating against client database
  • E-mail confirmation immediately
  • Track meal preferences and special needs
  • Track session attendance information
  • Maintain sessions
  • Track source code information
  • Quality control online registration data
  • Accept registration calls from attendees
  • Allow access to registration data 24/7
  • Access Registration123 reports and statistics and communicate with client
  • Collect specific information on event attendees via Registration123
  • Categorize attendees by user registration type (e.g.: speakers, attendees, exhibitors, etc.)
  • Personalized pricing based on user registration types and early-bird dates
  • Instantly authorize and process credit card via online gateway and check payments
  • Ensure attendee data meets specified criteria before registration is complete
  • Proofread and quality control all registration data to ensure accuracy
  • On-Site coordinator to manage registration desk and temporary staff
  • Provide computer(s) (dedicated for use by the Registration Managers)
  • Manage and train all registration staff / volunteers
  • Process on-site registrations
  • Run reports as needed
  • Deposit on-site registration funds
  • Return all rented equipment and supplies
  • Allow use of office address
  • Allow use of office storage for typical amount of archival boxes
  • Provide toll free and standard phone lines, and answer phones
  • Monday-Friday from 8:00am (CT) to 5:00pm (CT), excluding holidays
  • Provide fax line
  • Secure additional staff to perform necessary office functions, if necessary
  • Accept telephone calls from attendees, answer questions, or direct attendee to appropriate party
  • Report critical issues, concerns or questions to administrator
  • Mail, fax, or e-mail requested information to attendees
  • Act as the registration administrative arm for the organization
  • Act as the registration information base for written and/or telephone inquiries
  • Keep telephone log including date, time, and nature of telephone conversation
  • Email correspondence to individual attendees or full list of attendees composed by administrator
  • Store and purge upon request related items (letterhead, envelopes, brochures, etc.)
  • Fax, mail, or e-mail welcome letter and/or certificate to attendees as needed